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Our huge selection of Givi luggage includes hard luggage such as top boxes & side panniers, as well as Givi's high quality soft luggage including bags, panniers & much more.
Scroll down this page to read our luggage buying guide which shows you the difference between top box types & sizes.
Givi Top Boxes, Side Cases & Fittings Givi Soft Luggage
A selection of Givi top boxes & side cases, as well as a large range of accessories & fittings, including backrests, brake light kits & much more.
Givi's range of quality soft luggage includes tank bags, backpacks, sat-nav holders, soft panniers & much more.
Guide To Purchasing Givi Top Boxes

Buying Givi luggage can be a confusing process if you're not familiar with the products or terminology. 
 Firstly, you'll want to consider the carrying capacity that may be required; What are you planning on carrying in your Givi topbox?  - The smallest in the Givi range is 26 litres, and the largest is 55 litres.

 A 26 litre top box will accommodate one full face helmet, but with very little room to spare. 
A Givi E260N Top Box With One Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Givi top boxes with a capacity from 30 to 42 litres will take one full face helmet, with room to spare for other items such as a set of waterproofs.
A Givi E36N Top Box With One Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, A Set Of Thin Waterproofs, Motorcycle Socks & Motorcycle Gloves

 45 litre (and upwards) top boxes can accommodate a single full face helmet and other clothing such as waterproofs and a bulky motorcycle jacket. This is an ideal solution if you want to park up your bike and leave all your gear safe and secure.
A Givi V46 Top Box With One Full Face Motorcycle Helmet & An Armoured Motorcycle Jacket

 Larger boxes, such as the 55 litre top box shown below can accommodate either two full face motorcycle helmets side by side, or one helmet and a lot of gear. The image below shows just how much you can fit in to a 55 litre box.

A Givi E55 Top Box With Two Full Face Motorcycle Helmets, A Pair Of Winter Gloves & A Full Set Of Thin Waterproofs

 Next you'll want to consider the type of box you'll need. Givi have two types of top box: Monolock or Monokey.
Monokey boxes are double-walled and are more of a 'heavy duty' luggage solution, whereas Monolock boxes are a more 'lightweight' option, with a lower recommended weight tolerance. Most Monolock boxes are supplied with a universal base plate which will allow you to fit the top box to your bikes existing sports rack. Once you've decided on the size and type of box, the final things to consider are the style of your top box (which particular design), and also the colour of your top box. Most of the top boxes come as standard in black; this is also the cheapest option, however many boxes are also available in metallic silver, and some are even available in colour matched options for particular motorcycle models. If we don't have the colour you require listed on our website, you can call or email us and we can let you know the price and availability of your desired Givi top box. 

Don't forget, with most boxes you'll need a bike specific rack or fitting arms. If you can't find the correct fitting kit for your bike but believe there is one available from Givi, chances are we will be able to get it for you. Simply drop us an email or call us on 01392 467700.
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